What is a weighted blanket?

by Laura on August 27, 2011

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Weighted blanket sleep

Wake up refreshed with a Cozy Calm weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is a safe and effective way to apply weight and deep pressure, which has been found to be calming and comforting enabling an individual to relax and go to sleep. Weighted blankets have been found to help with insomnia, autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and others.

At Cozy Calm we define a weighted blanket as an overall hug to provide you with a comforting and relaxing feeling.  It will likely make you feel less stressed, drowsy, and wanting to sleep!

Our blanket is filled with round, heavy plastic beads made from medical grade plastic to give the weight, yet keep the blanket pliable and cuddly like a well, a cozy, calm weighted blanket. Cozy Calm weighted blankets are sewn by professional sewers on industrial sewing machines with industrial-grade thread for durability.

Eileen Parker, owner of Cozy Calm and designer of the Cozy Calm weighted blanket, created this weighted blanket for herself for help her autism and sensory processing disorder. After seven prototypes, she was proud to announce she has designed the perfect weighted blanket for her, and it turns out that others love them too.

Our blanket can help you get to sleep and helps you get back to sleep if you wake up. Customers have told us that they and/or their children sleep through the night when they didn’t hadn’t before.

What Weight of Weighted Blanket to Choose?

Some wonder how to determine a weight that would be acceptable. The weight depends partially on personal preference and body weight and frame.  You can see our weight chart: http://goo.gl/Hvbe4 and for further questions, send email or call 763-533-6125.

Learn More

For more info about our weighted blanket visit our website: http://cozycalm.com/

Inside the Autism Experience

To read Eileen’s personal blog, Inside the Autism Experience, read it online or on your Amazon Kindle.  You can also search the store on your Kindle with “Inside the Autism Experience.”

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