10% Off Twin Size Weighted Blankets!


The twin size is perfect for college dorms–not too big and not too small.  We can ship directly to the dorm, and the shipping is free.

Use coupon code College at checkout.  Not valid with any other coupons.  Not valid on hospital weighted blankets.  Sale ends August 31, 2013.

See the patterns and reversible solids now.



Sale! 10% off Queens and Doubles!


The coupon can be used with other coupons such as our 5% off pay by check option. The coupon cannot be applied retroactively.  Excludes hospital grade weighted blankets.

At checkout, use the coupon code: 10% OFF

Sale ends August 31.

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The Weighted Blanket Designer


Me with Cam, the Autism ride's namesake

The Cozy Calm weighted blanket was designed by Eileen Parker, a woman with autism and sensory processing disorder (SPD).  She designed it to suit her sensory needs that she and others on the autism spectrum have.

The Cozy calm is a high quality weighted blanket designed to last.  They are sewn by professional sewers on industrial sewing machines at our shop in the Twin Cities.

Once you try one, you will know how amazing they feel.


Weighted Blankets May be Covered by Medical Insurance

Your weighted blanket may be covered by medical insurance.  For further questions, contact Cozy Calm at 763-533-6125 or send email. Visit the Cozy Calm store. Learn about coupons and contests to win a weighted blanket by “Liking” our Facebook page.

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Pewter Gray Weighted Blanket…New Color!

  New Weighted Blanket Color!   We couldn’t decide what to call this color.  It has a sheen that looks gray or silver depending on the angle or light.  So, we decided on calling it “Pewter.”  This is my new favorite color!  The fabric is an ultra soft softress fabric that we use for our [...]

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Weighted Blanket Coupon 5% Off if You Pay by Check!

The gas station near my house offers cents off per gallon if a person pays cash, and they can pass on the savings to me because they are saving on the credit card fees and savings are savings.  All good stuff. So, we decided to offer you 5% off a Cozy Calm weighted blanket if [...]

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Aaron Won a Weighted Blanket!

The winner of our May 1 contest, was Janet Niemczyk for a weighted blanket for her son Aaron.  In our contests, a person can get more entries by referring people to enter the contest for them, and Al Budriunas was the winner for Janet. We hold these contests regularly, so to be sure to hear [...]

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Weighted Blanket Sale 10% off!

10% off any regularly priced Cozy Calm weighted blanket, lap pad, or neck wrap.  Use coupon code “Snow” at checkout.  Coupon valid until March 18.  Cannot be used with any other coupon. Visit our store now. Enjoy!

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Weighted Blanket Contest Winner and Next Contest

This is Ruthi, whose mom, Stacy, won in a Cozy Calm weighted blanket contest.  How adorable!  She and all her friends entered the contest so Ruthi could have her weighted blanket.  Stacy wrote our page:  “Here is my princess with the blanket she won with everyone’s help. This blanket is amazing. It helps her sleep [...]

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Keeping warm during this deep freeze in Minnesota

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10% off Weighted Blankets in Circle Fun on Brown Pattern

I ordered too much of the Circle Fun on Brown pattern, so some of it has to go!  This is why we’re offering this weighted blanket sale. 10% off any weighted blanket with the Circle Fun on Brown pattern. Use coupon code Circles at checkout. The sale ends when the fabric is close to sold [...]

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